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  1. mike:

    Is there any way to read the older issues of naruto?

  2. mobilemanga:

    Pls click More Naruto Chapters to read.

  3. kane_1371:

    i wonder if you guys will update more episodes.
    since we are already at 507, but you guys are still at 504

  4. lao:

    i like naruto. i hope being updated to every episode :)

  5. Ultima:

    Dude,wheres Ch.507??

  6. john mattson:

    how often do you guys update naruto?

  7. guero:

    is der goin 2wo b more new issues

  8. update already!:

    wtf! add the new chapters already! u guy r so stupid if u wanna keep ur viewers here add the new ones n keep them updated!

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